How to Coupon at Giant Food Stores

Today I have decided to conquer how to coupon at Giant Food. I live in the Washington DC area and Giant is one of the large food chains. If you live in the Northeast, Stop & Shop is another store that has merged with Giant, and the two are now the largest supermarket chain currently in existence in the Mid-Atlantic  region.

So…how can I save at Giant Food? There seems to be multiple ways…including GAS points to save at Shell Gas Stations!  Savings on Gas? Sign me up!!

#1) Sign up for a Giant Bonus Card…this is the way I can earn gas points to redeem at Shell gas stations and take advantage of all of the advertised sales. I will earn Extra Reward Points when they are offered. From what I am learning, Giant sometimes offers EXTRA REWARDS programs where you can earn EXTRA REWARDS points each time you visit GIANT and use your BONUSCARD. For every dollar I spend, I will get one EXTRA REWARDS point. 

#2) Using my Giant Bonus card I will save 10¢ per gallon for every 100 points I earn which is 1 point for every dollar I spend. See example below! This is BIG!

Points Savings
100 10¢/gallon
200 20¢/gallon
300 30¢/gallon
…up to $2.20/gallon!

After reading over their coupon policy I learned:

-Giant will accept manufacturers coupons combined with their own…that’s good!! That means they allow stacking which will save us a lot of money!

-Giant does not accept competitors coupons. Not great news.

-In order for my coupon to be doubled, I must give them my Bonus Card

-All coupons with a face value up to and including .50 cents will be doubled. Example: A .50 cent coupon will be doubled to $1. All coupons with a face value from .51 cents to .99 cents will be redeemed for $1.

-Giant accept Internet coupons with the following exceptions:-A Coupon value can not exceed $5.

– Giant does not accpet FREE item coupons

I feel pretty good about Giant at the end of the day. If I can use Giant coupons, combined with manufacturers coupons (on-line or newspaper inserts), get the sale price and still earn points to use toward my gas at Shell? Not bad huh?

Do you shop at Giant? Do you have any tips or questions? Please…leave comments or questions!