Coupon Quest to Harris Teeter a Semi-Success with over 50% savings!

Ok, so here is how it went….

I looked through the Harris Teeter sales this morning. Went ahead and matched up the sales with any manufacturers coupons that I had. Then browsed through the website to get an additional savings with the e-VIC coupons by clicking on them and adding them to my eVIC card.

Loaded my 2 year old into the card with coupons and list ready to go. I was excited to be prepared, knowing that I only wanted to spend about 20 minutes in the store. I grabbed all of the items I had, proceeded to check out and handed over my coupons. Not as nervous this time, because I had done my research…so I was armed with knowledge!

For $62.62 worth of groceries…I paid $31.36!! Not bad for a beginner right? 

As I packed my daughter in the card, I glanced down at my receipt and realized that I wasn’t sure my extra e-VIC coupons (remember the ones I had added to my card on-line)…had been deducted.

It was nearing nap time and so not a great time for me to head back to the customer service counter, wait in line, and then wait for them to figure out what had happened. I decided to go home, but the baby to bed and then focus.

I called the customer service number listed on the website, and low and reached a lovely man who verified my suspicion! I was missing $2.50 of savings! Lucky for me with a sleeping baby, I wouldn’t have to go back to the store. He explained that they were having problems with the website, and offered to credit my VIC card $5.00 for my troubles, which can be used at my next shopping trip. I’ll take it!! I love a bonus deal!

All in all, I feel pretty good about my trip to the store today. Next time I will check the receipt prior to leaving the store if I can.

Here are the deals:

5 PROGRESSO SOUP CANS Buy 2/Get 3 Free (making them $1.07 each and then -with an additional $1 off 4 cans coupon, the total was .87 each)

2 CHEX MIX    2/$4 ( making them $2 each , plus a coupon of 50 cents off 2 that was doubled making them $1.50 each)

2 NEWMANS PASTA SAUCE  2/$4 (making them $2 each , plus a coupon of $1 off of 2, making them $1.50 each!)

8 YOPLAIT YOGURT (on sale for .50 cents each, plus a coupon of .50cents off of 8, which doubled, making them .37 cents each)

2 SUPER PRETZEL BOXES (on sale for b1/G1 free at $3.49 plus a $1 off one box making them $1.25 each)

PILLSBURY CRUST (coupon for $1.00 off 2, making them $3.25 each) not that great of a deal actually 😦

I also purchased a head of cabbage which was on-sale for 59 cents per lb

Overall not too bad, although I am far from the experts that have a cart full of groceries for $12 !  Practice makes perfect though.

As always, any comments or tips or great deals are welcome!Image