Save $5 on a binder for Coupons

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The Coupon Quest Begins!

OK….Day one. So this all began a couple of weeks ago when I saw a YouTube video on “normal” extreme couponing. It intrigued me!  I don’t think I have really ever used a
coupon before…EVER! I always just figured it was some sort of scam…that the stores would raise the prices and then throw a coupon your way to lure you in. But what I saw was that these normal everyday moms, like yours truly, were
saving a ton of money on items that my family uses daily….and items that I unknowingly am spending A LOT of hard earned money on.So, step one was to subscribe to the local paper. That meant calling up the Washington Post and handing over a credit card number…which meant spending money!  Am I already
failing my mission? I hope not. No coupons= no deals right? I went ahead and did a little online searching around and found a website which allowed me as a
first time subscriber to get the Sunday paper delivered for 20 weeks at only .99 per week ( a discount of 46%)!! My first savings!! Exciting!
So the schooling begins. Tonight I will :
1) clip out the coupons
2) review the sales from my local pharmacies, super stores and grocery stores.

That doesn’t sound too
difficult!  Oh I forgot to mention

3) pick the kids up from school
4) prepare, serve and clean up dinner

I am really excited about this Quest and hope to find a few new couponers to come along with me. What have we got to lose right?