A Great Coupon Quest to Rite Aid

It sure was a busy weekend…school activities, pumpkin picking and of course Coupon clipping!  I had some time this morning to flip through the newspaper ads and a couple of sales at Rite Aid caught my eye! After scoring some great deals I thought I would share!  Here is how I did….

My little Frack was running low on diapers, and I noticed that :

Luvs Family pack of diapers is on sale this week for $17.99, I also had a $1.00 off coupon and Rite Aid is offering $2.00 +UP Reward with this purchase! 

Trident Single pack gum is on sale for $1 each, I had a coupon for $1 off of 3 packs, and Rite Aid is offering $1 +UP Reward when you buy 3….but to my surprise, 2, $1 rewards printed! So all the gum was basically FREE!!

Tresemme Shampoo and or conditioner is onsale for 2/$7, plus $2 +UP Rewards  ….and I also had a coupon for 1 FREE Tresemme Styling Product with the purchase of a Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner. So I picked up a Tresemme Extra Hold hairspray for FREE!!


Luvs Diapers $16.99

3 packs of Trident Gum=FREE

1 Tresemme Shampoo, 1 Conditioner, 1 Hairspray= $6

Plus added to my wellness card that I can use starting tomorrow morning……$6 in Rewards!!!!!

This is getting addicting!!!



Good morning !  It is a beautiful day in the Washington DC area. Sunny and cool. Perfect fall weather and I am ready to start my day.

I had a rough afternoon yesterday with my almost 2 year old daughter who I will refer to here as Frack. Frack is not as easy going as her older brother Frick. She is very stubborn at times and is very determined when she gets her mind set on something…which most of the time is getting into trouble!!

So I was counting the minutes until my husband would be home from work. Any stay at home mom knows how important that time of the day is. We love our kids with all of our hearts, but we are also human and need a break at some point right?

I needed to get out of the house last night. By myself. Just to clear my head. Any where better to go….CVS of course!  No need for Bloomingdales or Nordstrom here….just a quiet trip to a close pharmacy would do the trick!  As you can see, I’m very easy to please 🙂

I headed out, by myself ( I love to say that…since it happens so rarely)….and pulled into CVS. Now even though I have yet to study all of the CVS coupon policy rules, tonight I didn’t care. I was yes…by myself!  This kind of trip would usually be a no- no for a new couponer like myself. Shotgun trips to the store will get me into trouble, but last night I was breaking my own rule. We are all entitled to do that once in a while!

I defense of myself, I did have my trusty coupon binder with me and my handy dandy ExtraCare Card, which is the CVS discount card. I headed over to the red coupon machine who I have nicknames Cooper,the Coupon machine. From what I am learning, besides being able to price check items with Cooper, I can also scan my card their weekly and Cooper will shoot out some coupons!

Cooper must have sensed that I was not having the best day, so he gracefully handed over

$1.50 ExtraCare reward coupon

$2.00 off Covergirl Pressed Powder Coupon

$1.00 off Maybelline makeup coupon

Having my binder with me, I flipped to “M” for makeup and matched up some coupons with the coupons that Cooper had just given me….

This is what I ended up with:

1 Maybelline NY Mega Plush Mascara $8.29, minus a $1.00 manufacturer coupon , minus $1.00 CVS Coupon= $6.29

1 CoverGirl clean pressed powder, $7.99, on sale for $7.00, minus $2.00 CVS coupon, minus $2 manufacturer coupon = $3

total came to $9.29, minus my $1.50 ExtraBucks reward= $7.79 for $16.28 worth of makeup. 52% savings!!


Coupon Quest to Harris Teeter a Semi-Success with over 50% savings!

Ok, so here is how it went….

I looked through the Harris Teeter sales this morning. Went ahead and matched up the sales with any manufacturers coupons that I had. Then browsed through the website to get an additional savings with the e-VIC coupons by clicking on them and adding them to my eVIC card.

Loaded my 2 year old into the card with coupons and list ready to go. I was excited to be prepared, knowing that I only wanted to spend about 20 minutes in the store. I grabbed all of the items I had, proceeded to check out and handed over my coupons. Not as nervous this time, because I had done my research…so I was armed with knowledge!

For $62.62 worth of groceries…I paid $31.36!! Not bad for a beginner right? 

As I packed my daughter in the card, I glanced down at my receipt and realized that I wasn’t sure my extra e-VIC coupons (remember the ones I had added to my card on-line)…had been deducted.

It was nearing nap time and so not a great time for me to head back to the customer service counter, wait in line, and then wait for them to figure out what had happened. I decided to go home, but the baby to bed and then focus.

I called the customer service number listed on the website, and low and reached a lovely man who verified my suspicion! I was missing $2.50 of savings! Lucky for me with a sleeping baby, I wouldn’t have to go back to the store. He explained that they were having problems with the website, and offered to credit my VIC card $5.00 for my troubles, which can be used at my next shopping trip. I’ll take it!! I love a bonus deal!

All in all, I feel pretty good about my trip to the store today. Next time I will check the receipt prior to leaving the store if I can.

Here are the deals:

5 PROGRESSO SOUP CANS Buy 2/Get 3 Free (making them $1.07 each and then -with an additional $1 off 4 cans coupon, the total was .87 each)

2 CHEX MIX    2/$4 ( making them $2 each , plus a coupon of 50 cents off 2 that was doubled making them $1.50 each)

2 NEWMANS PASTA SAUCE  2/$4 (making them $2 each , plus a coupon of $1 off of 2, making them $1.50 each!)

8 YOPLAIT YOGURT (on sale for .50 cents each, plus a coupon of .50cents off of 8, which doubled, making them .37 cents each)

2 SUPER PRETZEL BOXES (on sale for b1/G1 free at $3.49 plus a $1 off one box making them $1.25 each)

PILLSBURY CRUST (coupon for $1.00 off 2, making them $3.25 each) not that great of a deal actually 😦

I also purchased a head of cabbage which was on-sale for 59 cents per lb

Overall not too bad, although I am far from the experts that have a cart full of groceries for $12 !  Practice makes perfect though.

As always, any comments or tips or great deals are welcome!Image

How to Coupon at Harris Teeter

Today starts a new week of sales at Harris Teeter, one of my local grocery store chains. I have heard great things about Harris Teeter so today is the day I will sort through their coupon policy and find out the best ways to save BIG!

Harris Teeter will not accept expired coupons of any kind.

They accept only one manufacturer coupon per purchased item.

Coupons must be presented at time of purchase

Coupons presented and items purchased must match exactly; size, variety, flavor, etc.

They accept one coupon per item purchased.

They accept coupons for items only of equal or more value which means, they do not give cash back.

Sales tax is paid by customer at full retail.

So these are pretty basic rules that I am seeing at most of the stores I am learning about…
So lets find out what makes Harris Teeter stand out….why should I choose them over another store?

Double Coupons!

Harris Teeter accept 20 double coupons per day per customer/household with VIC card, which is their store discount card…all others will be redeemed at face value.

They also double manufacturer’s coupons up to face value of $0.99; with total amount not to exceed $1.98 or entire retail of item; whichever is less.

No competitor coupons will be doubled or tripled.

Coupons that state “do not double” will not be doubled or tripled.

eVIC coupons can be accepted along with paper coupons, however will not be doubled. This is great news! This means we can stack a manufacturer coupon with a Harris Teeter coupon.

I will need to join the e-VIC program to receive e-VIC Only electronic discounts, special rewards programs and a personalized weekly email notifying me when items I regularly buy are on sale!

So these seem to be the basics of how to use coupons combined with store promotions to save at Harris Teeter. Time to match up their weekly store ad with my coupon binder coupons and see what I can come up with! Stay tuned….

How to Coupon at Giant Food Stores

Today I have decided to conquer how to coupon at Giant Food. I live in the Washington DC area and Giant is one of the large food chains. If you live in the Northeast, Stop & Shop is another store that has merged with Giant, and the two are now the largest supermarket chain currently in existence in the Mid-Atlantic  region.

So…how can I save at Giant Food? There seems to be multiple ways…including GAS points to save at Shell Gas Stations!  Savings on Gas? Sign me up!!

#1) Sign up for a Giant Bonus Card…this is the way I can earn gas points to redeem at Shell gas stations and take advantage of all of the advertised sales. I will earn Extra Reward Points when they are offered. From what I am learning, Giant sometimes offers EXTRA REWARDS programs where you can earn EXTRA REWARDS points each time you visit GIANT and use your BONUSCARD. For every dollar I spend, I will get one EXTRA REWARDS point. 

#2) Using my Giant Bonus card I will save 10¢ per gallon for every 100 points I earn which is 1 point for every dollar I spend. See example below! This is BIG!

Points Savings
100 10¢/gallon
200 20¢/gallon
300 30¢/gallon
…up to $2.20/gallon!

After reading over their coupon policy I learned:

-Giant will accept manufacturers coupons combined with their own…that’s good!! That means they allow stacking which will save us a lot of money!

-Giant does not accept competitors coupons. Not great news.

-In order for my coupon to be doubled, I must give them my Bonus Card

-All coupons with a face value up to and including .50 cents will be doubled. Example: A .50 cent coupon will be doubled to $1. All coupons with a face value from .51 cents to .99 cents will be redeemed for $1.

-Giant accept Internet coupons with the following exceptions:-A Coupon value can not exceed $5.

– Giant does not accpet FREE item coupons

I feel pretty good about Giant at the end of the day. If I can use Giant coupons, combined with manufacturers coupons (on-line or newspaper inserts), get the sale price and still earn points to use toward my gas at Shell? Not bad huh?

Do you shop at Giant? Do you have any tips or questions? Please…leave comments or questions!

The Rite Aid Coupon Quest Challenge

After a quick browse through a ton of coupons and store ads, I have to admit….I felt a bit overwhelmed!  So I took a deep breath and decided to take this one step at a time. Each day this week I am going to attempt to conquer one store at a time. I want to study each stores coupon policy, rewards programs and prices to the best of my ability. And hopefully help you along too!
Rite Aid is lucky number one.
1. The first thing to do is to sign up for a FREE Wellness Rewards card. You can do that in store or online. Its a typical store discount card. I luckily already have one of those.
With the Wellness Rewards Card I get:

  1. A $5 off $25 coupon (upon sign up)
  2. 10% off all Rite Aid brand products
  3. an e-mail newsletter (with printable coupons)
  4. Access to member-only sales throughout the store

When I have the cashier scan my card each time I shop, I will earn points towards additional rewards. Each dollar spent is worth one point, and each presciption is worth 25 points. Here’s what those points will get me:

  • every 125 points = a one-time, 10% off shopping pass
  • 500 points = 10% off all non-prescription purchases every day
  • 1,000 points = 20% of all non-prescription purchases every day

2. Next I should be looking to buy products that offer Up+ Rewards.
Up+ Rewards are rewards that are loaded directly onto my Wellness card and are shown at the bottom of my receipt when I buy certain products. They can be applied to my next purchase just like a coupon (some restrictons apply). I am pretty sure they are available for use the following day.  Browsing through the weekly sales circular will help me find which products are eligible this week.
3. Video Values
I can watch short video advertisements on RiteAid.com and earn dollars-off coupons. The more I watch, the more I will save.  I can’t wait to check this out!
4. Single Check Rebates
Rite Aid puts out a rebate book each month. I can participate in as many offers as I would like, and then get my earnings back in a single check. The current rebate book is in store, or I can view it online. Things I just learned about the Rebate Program:

  • I have to go and sign up online to use it.
  • Most of the rebate offers are good all month, but some are only good for a week
  • I can submit my rebate online or mail it in using the form in the book
  • I can only submit one rebate request per month which means I need to be sure I have participated in all of the offers that I am interested in before hitting the send button online
  • THE BEST PART IS….If I use coupons to purchase rebate items, I will still get the full rebate amount!!!!!

5. Online Coupons

I should be checking out Rite Aid’s website for manufacturer coupons that I can print and take with me when I am on my Coupon Quest.
6. Unadvertised Sales
Even though the weekly sales insert lists a lot of deals, but it doesn’t list all of the deal. So I can go online to view Rite Aid’s unadvertised specials .

7. Gifts of Savings Program

A few times throughout the year (back-to-school and Christmas are typical), Rite Aid runs a Gifts of Savings promotion. If I Spend $100 during the promotional period and enter my receipts online, I will earn a $20 gift certificate.
8. Stacking Coupons (also known as using a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon).
I can combine manufacturer coupons, with Rite Aid manufacturer coupons, store coupons and total purchase coupons to save BIG. That sounds like a store I want to shop at!
Well, I feel like I have really learned a lot today about Rite Aid. If I have some free time later I will put together a list of things to buy and head out on a Coupon Quest.  I will let you know how it goes!!
Any tips or questions?  Please leave a comment!

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